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EU to Tax Chinese Solar Panel Imports Starting June


imagesThe European Commission (EC) announced last week that they will impose import duties and hefty penalties on half of the solar panels from China in June. In response, Chinese officials  stated that these could have serious implications on China-Europe trade relations.

Following up on the recently reported issue regarding low cost imports of solar panels from China, Shen Danyang, spokesman of the Chinese  Ministry of Commerce, warned that EU’s decision will not help the continent to recover from the economic crisis.

The EC, however,  claims that this will prevent European solar panel market from being taken over by cheap Chinese goods.

In June, China is expected to decide on imposing import duties on raw materials used in solar panel production, which are now being imported from the EU, US and South Korea. It is speculated that this decision will depend on whether EU goes ahead with the penalties.

Interestingly, the world’s biggest solar market- Germany, is expecting the visit of the Chinese Prime Minister next week. Germany is hoping that the issue will be resolved in a reasonable and friendly manner.


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