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Self-Driving Vehicle Development Platform Sold by Japanese Company


robocar-mv2Not long ago, Google started teasing the world with the idea of a self-driving vehicle. Now, a company called ZMP Inc released a development platform called “RoboCar MV2 Autonomous Driving Package,” which is a single seat electric vehicle meant to help car companies (like Tesla) get going with autonomous driving.

Actually, the ZMP platform is based on an electric vehicle made by Toyota Auto Body Co Ltd. – basically a sort of a golf cart with a controller, automatic steering system and automatic braking system, called Coms. ZMP added the smartness to that vehicle and is now selling it for around $62,500.

ZMP also says their RoboCar MV2 has the ability of creating routes in consideration of minimum turning radius. That is useful for studying scenarios like that when the vehicle takes a route that contains a straight line and then a curve whose radius is constant, making the vehicle move smoothly and anticipating the curve, just like a human driver would do.

The RoboCar MV2 is equipped with stereo vision, LIDAR, blind spot detection system, and a radar. We found more specs here (Japanese).

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