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EV Finishes Stages in Dakar Rally

ACCIONADakar‬ in action  from ACCIONA Dakar‬ Facebook Page
ACCIONADakar‬ in action
from ACCIONA Dakar‬ Facebook Page

Acciona’s entry in the Dakar Rally made history last week as the first electric vehicle to finish a stage in the world’s toughest off road endurance race. The AccionaDakar 100% EcoPowered was sent off by a “huge party with thousands and thousands of people lining the streets of Buenos Aires”. It ran through 833 km of rough roads running on 100% electricity.

Unfortunately, after the car reached the first control point of stage 3, the team was informed that it was disqualified for skipping “a few GPS points”. The navigation system was shot, which was such a shame because the electric engine was working perfectly. Nevertheless it was still an accomplishment as a third of the competitors had already been eliminated in the first two stages.

The car was able to demonstrate that an electric vehicle can compete in the “toughest race in the world, making several stages, and showing that this type of vehicle is perfectly capable of participating in the Dakar”, according to one of the pilots, Albert Bosch.

He continues, “I do not know who will win the Dakar this year. What I do know is that with the 369 race number, the Acciona Ecopowered, the first car facing the toughest race motor in the world without petrol on board, we all won… we won, you won, the whole society won and especially won the beautiful, delicate and not always well respected planet where we are lucky to live in.”

As they say, we always have to start somewhere. Kudos to Acciona for paving the way for EVs to participate in rallies. It just shows that electric vehicles have a future, and so does Mother Earth.

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