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Multi-functional GreenBox Improves Your Pizza Experience


green-box-eco-friendly2014-09-16-10-33-14It is Saturday. And what does Saturday mean? Pizza night! Or was that Friday? Anyway. Pick up the phone, call the precious number and in less than an hour you will have the cheesy goodness right at your door step in a not very eco-friendly manner. Thankfully, The GreenBox is here to make this whole experience much greener, here is how.

We all have been there. The big and bulky pizza box arrives, at first no one is concerned about it because, let’s be honest here, it is pizza, but then, once the needs have been satisfied come the big guilt and the ultimate questions. The box is all greasy, therefore cannot be recycled, and it is too big, therefore it cannot fit in the fridge, meaning- another tree has been lost forever and the remains of it are taking space in the nearby overfilled landfill. But can anything be done about all this?

Apparently, yes! The person, who has come up with the solution to this quite a soul-tearing dilemma is  unfortunately now deceased William Walsh. Puzzled with the need to find alternative uses for the otherwise pretty useless pizza boxes, he came up with the ultimate GreenBox, which he manufactured by Pratt Industries in New York and sold as a product of the company EcoVention, LLC.

What is nice and different about the GreenBox is its ability to transform into a small size storage box, and can be used as disposable plates. Here is a small demo video of how it works, but don’t worry if you do not follow it- the instructions are also printed on the box.

It is made of 100% recycled material and can be recycled if unsoiled. Although this could be a bit of a problem, users of the box have already started to come up with solutions to it. In fact, some restaurants line the box with additional pieces of paper.

Knowing that there is a green approach to pizza take out, doesn’t this make you feel like going online, finding which restaurant uses the GreenBox and calling them to place an order? I would definitely encourage you to do so, and maybe you can even go a bit further and do some marketing to you local pizza place?!

Image (c) GreenBox

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