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Faraday Future Could be Tesla Motors Competitor by 2017

Would you just look at that Faraday Future electric vehicle's…
Would you just look at that Faraday Future electric vehicle’s…

You’ve heard of Tesla Motors, for certain, which has pretty much nailed the electric vehicle race, and some figured that Fisker Automotive “coulda been a contender,” until it disappeared into thin air. True, Fisker could be coming back from the dead… but let’s talk about a company that seems like it might have a shot at Tesla Motors, and not a big-bucks manufacturer’s electric vehicle, such as the Chevy Bolt because, let’s face it, most major automakers just don’t see electric vehicles as “their thing.”

Faraday Future probably isn’t going to be the next Tesla Motors, at least not without someone as charismatic and deep-pocketed as Elon Musk at the helm, but maybe they have something better, a clear cut “we’re not f$*&ing around” mission statement (I’m not making that up, by the way. At least, I think I’m not making it up, because I can’t find Faraday Future making that statement. Some other people are making that quote, however.) and some of Tesla Motors’ people.

First, let’s take a look at Faraday Future’s mission, “clean, connected, smart mobility for all.” I like that, but isn’t that what everyone else is about, supposedly? Actually, that’s what everyone thought that the “Tesla Model E” was supposed to be, an affordable electric vehicle for everyone, but we’re still waiting for it, so maybe that’s a jab at Tesla? Judging by the render on the front page, it’s a cool-looking jab, at that.

Then we read, “Faraday Future is looking for the best and brightest to help us shape the future of mobility,” and it seems that the young technology company, barely a year old, has already gotten its hands on some top talents in the automotive world. For example, Nick Sampson helped to engineer the Tesla Model S chassis, Porter Harris used to develop batteries for SpaceX, and Silva Hiti helped develop the Chevy Volt powertrain. Other famous names pop up, new Faraday Future conscripts drawing from BMW, Ferrari, Land Rover, and Lamborghini.

As it stands, it seems that Faraday Future, in spite of being so young, has the talent and at least some funding, and some two hundred employees, but still needs a place to call home. Is Faraday Future the Tesla Motors competitor that everyone’s been waiting for? As hard as it is to build an automobile these days, I really hope to see something good from Faraday Future in the next couple of years.

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