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They Cut Trees to Make Toilet Paper – Do You Care?


man-driking-smokingFor so many times I have wondered – we all complain our forests are cut down, the air is polluted, and water is sometimes undrinkable, but how come we cannot refrain from using paper towels, buying more food than we can eat, or carelessly driving cars that we know are powered by dirty soon-to-be-depleted fossil fuels.

This video, “The Ghost of Earth Day Present,” although an exaggeration, is a reminder to all of us who still use paper towels, eat to get fat and so on. Watch it and become aware of our legacy. The children we so consciously protect today may not have a great place to live because of us.

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  1. If you want to save Trees it’s so easy; graduate from Toilet Paper to cleaning with water from a Hand Bidet Sprayer. Any bathroom can have one as it requires no new plumbing so even a rental can. It’s 10X cleaner, saves money and helps the environment all at the same time. Oh and it’s healthier too helping with Constipation and Hemorrhoids!


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