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Company Recycles Old Monitors and TV Screens Into Fancy Tiles


CRTglasstiles.jpg.662x0_q100_crop-scaleEvery time you replace your old monitor or TV for a wider, thinner and better one, you must wonder what happens to all the ones that you dispose of. Well, most of them end up in e-waste sites, and the reason for this is simply because there is not much that the cathode ray tube (CRT) glass, which they are made of, can be turned into.

At least not until now, anyway. The company Fireclay Tile came up with a great technology that turns recycled CRT into fancy new decorating tiles, which can perfectly well handle all functions of the conventional ones, but look much cooler and do much more good to our environment.

CRT technology was used back in the days in order to display the images just as flat screens do now, only that the ancestors were much thicker and shatter-resistant. One huge downside of these is that they can only be recycled into more CRT, but unfortunately with all recent improvements and drops in LCD prices, they are no longer required.

So looking at a huge pile of old office monitors, Paul Burns, the finder of Fireclay Tile, a company with a long history of putting unwanted materials into great use, decided to search for a way to utilize all this e-waste. The method that he developed involves crushing the glass panels after removing them from their housing. This was done with the help of the electronics recycler ECS Refining. The material is then sorted and painted in a light gray color. Once this is done, the material is shaped into fancy-looking shiny tiles, and made in two different sizes.

The product is almost ready to hit the market. All that is required now is for the company to purchase containers, also known as molds, which will give the required consistent shape to the tiles and turn them into the item that all potential customers desire. In order to fund that, however, Fireclay Tile needs a little support, or $10,000 to be exact. Burns thinks crowdfunding is the way to go, so click here to see why this product is the one you should put your money on.

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