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Filming Fast and Furious 6 Was Actually Greener Than You Thought

FF6 - Image (c) Universal Studios
FF6 – Image (c) Universal Studios

Little over an hour ago, I just came from the Mall – I went to see Fast and Furious 6, as the trailer was nice and hoped of some electrics along the way. Then, when my eyes hit the poster while waiting to get in, I saw the Top Gear logo. “Green cars my a**,” I’d told myself, and walked in.

And green cars weren’t at home in the movie, indeed. However, news says Universal Studios applied a “Green is Universal” policy to the movie, just to reduce their carbon footprint (well, 300 cars trashed and then recycled may be the biggest recycling gesture the producers ever did).

Someone working with the crew had a job called “Environmental Manager,” which meant meal packaging was recycled, cooking oil was refined and used for the trucks carrying the equipment and clothing and vegetables were donated to charity.

Well, it may look nice, but despite the movie being entertaining and the effects hot, it still is a petrol-powered thing and the whole recycling gesture looks like a piece of cake compared to the damage done to the environment by other means. Maybe the next iteration will have a Tesla in it… and hopefully won’t trash the thing.

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