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FEDDZ Electric Bike Has Storage Space Instead of Fuel Tank


feddzmotorscooterYes, yes, electric cars are the must have items these days, taking over quite a big part of the recent green news. But the Geneva Motor Show reminded us that electric vehicles don’t only come with four wheels. There are these two-wheelers too, that most definitely attract quite a bit of attention.

In between the electric motorbikes by Kia and Quris eBIQE, visitors of the show could also see the “FEDDZ“, which has an incredible feature- storage space instead of a gas tank and a gas drivetrain.

Most motorbikes do not come with any storage space. You have the option to buy additional suitcases that you can mount on the sides of the bikes, but these require quite a large investment. Now, the makers of FEDDZ, Emo-Bike, decided to make things very easy for the owners, and help them put this extra cash towards the shopping that the drivers are going to do, instead of the boxes that will transport the purchases. The space is around 23 liters, which could fit your helmet, or your gym gear, your swimwear, a large bottle of water, a few extra changing clothes, or the content of an entire grocery shopping basket, and all these will be safely secured thanks to two fitted belts.

You saved a good $500 by not having to buy a suitcase and racks, now how about the distance that you can travel? Well, you can pick between two options. The bike has a 48-volt lithium-ion flat battery, which is easily removable and can be charged anywhere. With the 1,600-Wh Eco battery version you could drive a good 70 km (43,5 miles) before you have to charge again, while the 2,100- Wh Premium Battery will take you on a 110 km ride at a 45 km/h speed, before you have to plug it again.  And it also has a USB port so that you can charge your smart phone on the go.

The bike is also extremely light, mainly because of its aluminum frame, and it has all the extras you need in order for you to have a very comfortable ride. Depending on which battery option you pick, you will pay between 5,990 and 6,900 euros (US$8,340 to $9,730). Quite an investment, yes, but considering the savings, and the goodness you do to the environment, it is definitely worth it.

Image (c)  Emo-Bike

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