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Faraday Future Reveals Prototype FFZERO1 at CES


The Faraday Future prototype was unveiled Monday at CES.The Faraday Future prototype has been revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show.

The vehicle prototype, dubbed “FFZERO1,” was shown on Monday. The vehicle, resembling the Batmobile with its futuristic shape, is part of the carmaker’s mission to disrupt the automobile industry and compete against other manufacturers, like Tesla.

The senior vice president of research and engineering, Nick Sampson, was quoted as saying, “We are embarking on a complete rethink of what mobility is.”

Also confirmed was a strategic relationship with the Chinese media company Letv, but did not offer further details. Jia Yueting, the founder of Letv, was said to be among the investors.

Now armed with a Faraday Future prototype, the company intends to move quickly, already saying a $1 billion factory is to be built in Nevada. The California-based company announced plans for the facility in early December, noting it as the first phase for the company. It will create 4,500 jobs for the area.

The company also would like to produce its first vehicle within two years, a goal that they’ve already started working towards, as 750 employees already call Faraday Future their workplace. Some of those 750 include former executives from both automotive and technology firms, including Tesla, BMW, Apple Google and NASA.

The speed of its actions can be chalked up to how the company considers its actions, more of a technology company than an automotive one.

Faraday Future has created a variable architecture platform so that multiple vehicles can be produced, and is utilizing technology like virtual reality to quicken development. Furthermore, the factory was declared as “more than an ordinary assembly line,” for “passionate creators and diligent visionaries, where new concepts will be refined and implemented.” With this emphasis on innovation, we can only guess that the Faraday Future prototype FFZERO1 is only the beginning.

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