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Fiat's MultiAir Engine Technology Applied to Future Chrysler Models


The Italian car manufacturer Fiat has acquired Chrysler and now remakes its name through much more efficient engines they had already applied in Europe for some time. For example, Chrysler will adopt Fiat’s MultiAir engine, which can get their fleet to acquire an average of 35.5 mpg by 2016, thus obeying federal standards in force.

The MultiAir engine technology not only allows for a better fuel consumption and lower pollution, but it also features increased torque (by 15 percent). The main modification in the MultiAir engine is varying the time the valves are open to allow air, depending on the vehicle’s speed and power needs.

Usually, in a regular engine, a spinning camshaft moves the valves, opens and closes them to get the air into the pistons. The issue with this model is that it doesn’t care about the engine’s load, so the efficiency drops while idling or doesn’t perform at its theoretical maximum when the throttle is pushed to the floor.

MultiAir’s model uses a solenoid (a mechanical device acting like a switch) to open and close the valves, according to the engine’s needs, controlled by the ECU. Thus the ECU can make the valves open for a longer or shorter period of time, extracting more power from the fuel and increasing efficiency. The idea behind technology isn’t new; variations of it had been applied by manufacturers like BMW, Honda or Renault.

“It gives the engine a more efficient breathing pattern whether at idle or 6,000 rpm,” says Chrysler spokesman Nick Cappa. He also mentions the new technology, otherwise also new for Fiat, released in Europe in 2009, will be used on the Fiat 500 that will debut in 2011. Also, Chrysler will apply the technology on their new Pentastar engines that will have a broad range of applications, from small cars to pickup trucks.

Making better fossil fuel powered engines is vital to keeping the environment cleaner until the newer technologies based on electric motors, batteries and fuel cells evolve properly. At the same time, their increased efficiency also helps for decreased oil dependence, so it all links up.

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  1. Hi Signor Pattakos
    Unfortunately I am fellow citizen of the Fiat!

    Ten years ago after having “almost” definite to offer firstly the patent to Toyota (matters of liking), I decide to offer it to Fiat Company for a patriotic reason. A fatal error is revealed! The fact dates note as after few days from the reception of my fax, the Fiat Researches Center asks priority by the Usa patent office for an identical idea (a classic fraud done from more people). I did not extended the patent in international circle and the Fiat gentlemen they thought well about doing it! Now my idea others is using and I am not able anything, the fiat monopolizes the Italian mechanical industry and firms that could build a hybrid propulsion device are already in cooperation with the Fiat. Could be some firms in some angle of the planet, that have interest to annul the Fiat patent? I don’t know it! Just one of the hopes. This firm has been a curse for the whole nation, burning the resources for the welfare to guarantee the earningses of the owners and the cunning ones that in the years are alternated to its management. I understand that I don’t have hopes to win a legal contentious, since I would presumably compare my testimony against that of about ten people determined to fight against their “victims”! I confide as more convincing resource, that publicizing my case, the fiat might accepts come to agreement with me to avoid a name damage. You have properly exposed the difficulties in which the independent inventors are facing and I want to win my battle even for them. If someone has a good idea I beg him to share.

    I wish best time for everybody

    Ulisse Di Bartolomei

  2. When, 20 years ago, I discovered the US patent system I felt envy: USPTO
    was doing what a Patent Office is supposed to do.
    Ever since USPTO keeps on downgrading despite the digital revolution; but USPTO is still better than any other Patent Office.

    Statistically, save UK and Australian patent offices, the rest suck (politely speaking).

    Your thought about the protection of the Intellectual property for the sake of the new generations is the best.

    Many years ago the individual who discovered a new useful thing was rewarded / prized.
    Now the individual is punished for having thought something new and useful.
    Today the independent inventor is just a pray in the claws of the birds of pray: the patent-attorneys, many incompetent formalities-officers of the patent offices, several incompetent patent examiners.
    The independent inventor has to pay in time, he also has to follow many ridiculous rules set by the patent office and comply with many stupid dead-lines. Yet the patent office has no responsibility about anything.
    Think of the case half of the patent offices grant the patent, while the rest ones reject it. This happens regularly.
    Think of the case EPO delays for years the examination of a patent – lack of personnel etc – yet it demands renewal fees by the applicant (who has no idea if eventually his application will turn to a patent) otherwise EPO rejects the patent! A blackmail of the worst kind. Can you think anything more disgusting?
    Only those who have gone through, know what incompetent rascals they are.

    The average person will understand little of what you say.
    Only after the first attempt to file and pursue a patent application, the individual finds out how much the intellectual property is protected by the laws: he finds out what “the plight of the independent inventor” means.

    Little have changed since the invention of the ‘television transmission tube” by Philo Taylor Farnsworth and the infringement by RCA.

    Put the blame on the USA Law Makers who once made the best Patent System and then left it downgrade until now (but it is still the best).
    Does someone need proofs? Documents? Just ask.
    Or answer my question: Why the Americans compromise with the fact that the Japanese inventor takes a patent in the USA with $ 1,500 whilst the American inventor needs more than $20,000 to take the same patent in Japan?
    And why a patent-attorney will not work against the applicant’s interest?
    And why the patent office-examiner needs a translation into Japanese, Chinese, German etc language of any communication? And why to put the reasonable-ignorance of the patent attorney between the applicant and the examiner?
    There are many more similar questions.

    I agree with everything you write, especially with your suggestions: The robbing (at gunpoint) of the applicant is the only job the Patent Offices and mandatory-Attorneys can do (without blunders).

    The digital age is now, and is revolutionizing the world. Some day the Law Makers will understand the potential.
    As long as the US patent office can do the job, why pay for the rest patent-offices? Most of them have been proved incompetent, again and again.

    To the point: Tell me what can I do to help your own specific cause.

    Are you Italian, compatriot with Fiat?

    Manousos Pattakos

  3. Speaking about the Fiat hybrids, the technology double clutch with electric motor between has been stolen by a patent that Fiat Company has never wanted to purchase, but only shamelessly to copy. I invite to visit my blog where her “vitality” of the Fiat planners it appears in all of evidence:

    Whoever appreciates an honest industrial ethics in defence of intellectual ownership should spread out the history told in my blog. If the industries can afford unpunished to copy the ideas and defending it need very expensive legal action, to which target need the patents? How our young people can find intellectual courage if the economic potentates crush the rights of the single ones?

    Ulisse Di Bartolomei

  4. If Chrysler wants something more than MultiAir, UniAir, TwinAir… of Fiat, there are the PatAir and PattAir Electro-Hydraulic systems, at http://www.pattakon.com/pattakonHydro.htm , to consider.

    The PatAir uses the same hardware with the MultiAir (only the profile of the intake camlobes of the camshaft changes to have a duration of some 400 crank degrees).
    The PatAir provides all the “modes” and strategies of the MultiAir system (which is based on the “Ingoing Air Control”), plus the “Outgoing Air Control” modes and strategies which are way more efficient, especially at urban cycle (medium-low revs, partial load operation).

    The PattAir runs according the “Outgoing Air Control”.
    Its difference from the MultiAir and the PatAir systems is that the intake valves open pure mechanically; the hydraulic system gets into play only during the closing of the intake valves in order to control the quantity of air / mixture trapped into the cylinder.
    Ferrari (they decided not to use the MultiAir because it doesn’t fit to the character of their cars) and the likes can think about the PattAir.

    Manousos Pattakos


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