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Is Fisker Karma Back on Track? $30 Million Lease Deal in California Points to “Yes”

Is Fisker Karma Back on Track?
Is Fisker Karma Back on Track?

Fisker Automotive just didn’t have an easy time of it, between company restructuring, battery problems, and a series of unfortunate events, the premium plug-in hybrid automaker managed to deliver less than 3,000 units before it went bankrupt. Wanxiang Group, a Chinese autoparts giant, bought the company, with plans to restart production of the flagship vehicle, Fisker Karma, though the name would be changed to “Elux Karma.”

Of course, words are just that, and it’s been a couple years since we heard anything about Fisker Karma, Surf, or Atlantic. It seems that things could be on a roll, however, as one recent news item, in the Los Angeles Times, caught our attention, in Moreno Valley, California.

Fisker Automotive has signed an eleven-year lease for a manufacturing facility in Moreno Valley, Riverside County, California. The deal is worth some $30 million, clearly a long-term well-financed commitment by the company, which should point to one thing; that Fisker Karma production seems a sure bet. Indeed, Fisker Karma could be available for purchase as soon as mid-2016.

Interestingly, California is America’s biggest automobile market, but the only automaker in the state is Tesla Motors. With the re-introduction of the Fisker Karma, made right were most of them will probably be purchased, the luxury PHEV-maker is right where it needs to be. The only question remaining is: “Can Fisker Automotive catch up to Tesla Motors?”

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