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Flow Loop: a Water-Recirculating Shower That Recovers Heat


Taking hot or cold showers consume a lot of water and energy even for just a few minutes compared to ordinary baths. Thus came the invention of recirculating showers that allow lesser water and energy consumption, but with an expensive price.

A new, cheaper, and improved energy- and water-saving shower was designed by Flow Loop, allowing 90% water and 25% energy savings.

Flow Loop further explains their product: “A standard shower head uses about 9-10L of warm water per minute, which means that during an average 8-minute shower, you get about 80L [17.6 Gal] of that water go to waste down the drain.

Because our system creates a circulating loop and adds only 1L of warm water per minute during the same showering time, you use as little as 8 liters of water. This can make an enormous difference for both the environment and your utility bills!”

How does Flow Loop save energy? The temperature drop of a hot shower from the shower head down to the drain is just five degrees Fahrenheit. This small loss in heat enables lesser energy to heat up the recirculated water. It collects and recirculates water by allowing “easy retrofit installation in existing shower spaces. When the user activates the drain cover, it creates a temporary (5mm) low-level water reservoir for circulating directly from the existing shower floor.”

Flow Loop also boasts the superb water quality of their newly designed shower as it is cleaned micro filters, ultrasonic removal of scales, and UV light. The company claims that the water coming out from their shower is much cleaner and safer than any tap water. It also has additional features of back-wash cleaning cycle after each operation and its freestanding design allows its easy installation.

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