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Qube: The Cheap Smart LED Lightbulb You’ve Been Waiting For


Qube-Smart-LED-Bulb.jpg.662x0_q70_crop-scaleThe Qube smart LED bulb is fully controlled via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, it provides light in millions of colors, and it comes at a super affordable price.

Everything is “smart” these days- homes, phones, gadgets, you name it. Technology is advancing so fast, that even our own minds cannot keep up. But, as fast as these tech developments happen, the price at which they come remains just as stiff. This ultimately prevents the majority of people to have that “smart” experience, and benefit fully of what there is around.

A small promising startup based in California, decided to address this exact issue. They took the smart LED concept and decided to make it available and convenient for all. This is how the Qube was born.

The Qube is essentially a smart LED light bulb, which is Wi-Fi and bluetooth controlled. These features allow it to be controlled from anywhere in the world, where there is Wi-Fi connectivity through a smartphone app. It does not require any additional hardware or electrical engineering skills to fit it and operate it.

The makers promise to deliver the smart LED bulbs much cheaper than what their competitors ask for theirs. For $19 a piece, you get a fully functioning LED bulb, which can give you 16 million colors for the incredible 50,000 hours. With that lifespan, it is surely a super green, money and energy saving product.

What is more, the cleverly designed app allows you to monitor the light bulb energy consumption, so you can switch it off from a distance in case you left home in a hurry (saving you a few more extra pennies from you bill). The app is also not limited to an operation systems, so it functions perfectly well with all iOS, android and windows operated devises.

The product seems pretty amazing, and if the guys manage to live up to the expectations, and really deliver, then hands down to them. The Indiegogo campaign is going very strong, and it has already exceeded the target that the Qube makers asked for. There are six days left to go, so if you would like to get one (or more), you should hurry up.

Image (c) Qube


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