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Tesla Model S Car-Sharing with vukee Car

Tesla Model S & vukee Car - Green and Convenient!
Tesla Model S & vukee Car – Green and Convenient!

Car-sharing companies offer a level of convenience and comfort that not everyone can afford on their own. Car-sharing company vukee Car, sweetens the deal by offering green driving in a Tesla Model S 85 kWh.

In today’s automotive world, there are actually fewer people buying cars, whether for lack of money, time, space, or simply for the fact that they’ll only use it “every once in a while.” The is especially the case in urban, and even some suburban, areas, where car-owning can be a hassle. Some prefer the convenience and price of public transportation over buying, insuring, refueling, and waiting in traffic in a personal automobile. On the other hand, making a weekend trip out of town is just shy of impossible without a personal or rental vehicle, both of which pale in comparison to car-sharing, especially if it includes a Tesla Model S.

The growing number of people without personal vehicles necessitates a growing number of vehicles that they can use when the need arises. At the same time, many of these people, who can’t justify, on any level, the purchase of a premium green car, such as a Tesla Model S electric vehicle, would more than willingly take part in a Tesla Model S car-sharing program. A new company, currently crowdfunding on indiegogo, is offering just that.

vukee Car offers car-sharing experience like no other, aside from subscribers getting to drive a fully-electric Tesla Model S 85 kWh. No rental office visits are required, as the interface is completely by smartphone. Insurance is fully-paid as part of the fee, so no one will try to upsell you. Plus, did we mention that it’s a premium performance electric vehicle? You can help vukee Car get started by pledging on indiegogo, as well as get your name emblazoned on the hood or roof of the car. At the same time, you help drivers reduce emissions by not purchasing more-convenient and more-polluting vehicles.

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