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Seabin Sucks In Ocean Trash and Oil


seabin-2New style rubbish bin, called Seabin, developed by two enthusiastic Australian surfers, is the latest technology to clean up ocean trash.

Ocean trash is a serious environmental problem, which affects one of the biggest ecological habitats on our planet and threatens the lives of marine organisms of all shapes and sizes. For this reason, any object that is made out of ocean trash, or any invention that helps cleaning up of the enormous amounts of floating garbage, has to be given the strong attention it deserves.

The latest comes from two Australian surfers, who have had enough of swimming along with piles of trash, and developed a new type of ocean cleaning technology. It is called Seabin and it is essentially a sea filtering system. It is made to be used on board of yachts, or at marinas and ports, which makes it independent from sea storms or ocean currents. It is perfect for use in areas, where there is a lot of human activity- a.k.a. the origin of ocean trash.

Seabin works in a fairly simple way. It has to be installed on a dock. With the help of a shore-based water pump, surface water and all its trash, oil, and detergent residue, is sucked into the bin. Inside the bin, there is a removable bag, made of natural fibers, which gathers all the collected debris. The water that remains is then further cleaned from oil via an oil-water separator, and only then it is put back into the ocean.

The big aim of the team is to eventually be able to make all of the upcoming models of Seabin only using the trash that they have collected from the sea. The guys already have a working prototype and are currently hoping for backers’ support on Indiegogo.

The campaign is going very strong, but they still need your help, as there are only 9 days left to go.

Image (c) Seabin


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