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Ford C-Max Makes Hybrid Sales Record After Only Two Months on the Market


2013-ford-c-maxWhen the beginning 2-month periods for all the hybrids are compared, we discover that the Ford C-Max is the record holder for fastest sales. This is because the first two months saw it sell 8,030 units.

That is almost thrice faster than the initial sales of the Honda Insight and the Prius, though that may not exactly be a fair comparison as these hybrids came into the market quite a while ago, and at that time, gas prices were lower while most people really didn’t know much about hybrids.

It is still worthy of note as I’m in a way happy that the C-Max was introduced in North America in only the hybrid drivetrain versions, that is, either the plug-in type called the “Energi” or the regular hybrid.

J. O. O’Donnell, the group marketing manager for Electrification says, “Dealers are seeing an overwhelmingly positive response to C-MAX hybrids and are excited to finally take on Prius, with some offering comparison test drives right on their lots.” He continues, “Our customers also are excited to have a fresh hybrid option, with leading fuel economy that does not sacrifice driving fun, performance and technology – choices typically not offered with hybrids.”

In fact, it’s nice to see some actual competition and alternatives because it wasn’t the best thing to allow the Prius to have lead the market as this made Toyota more relaxed with regards to improving it. Innovation today may be occurring more with regards to plug-in hybrids and pure electrics , but it is still possible to increase the fuel efficiency and affordability for regular hybrids.

With research indicating that 60 percent of consumers today are weighing up buying hybrids, it is evident that more and more people have been adopting hybrid technologies over the last few years. And, as a first, this November saw electrified vehicle sales reaching almost 4 percent of the industry total.

So long as people continue to drive, they must also consider driving something that has better fuel efficiency than conventional vehicles. An added advantage is that hybrids are also AT-PZEV or SULEV concerning tailpipe emissions that lead to smog formation. Still, I’m a firm believer in an electric future, that as time goes on and the transportation infrastructure is developed to make it more alternative vehicle-friendly, people would eventually travel more by public transport, or by bike or foot, thus, leaving the car at home.

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