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Ford E-bike Concept Unveiled at Frankfurt Motor Show


For the first time in its 108 years of existence, Ford announces an electric bike (still in the concept phase, though) for the masses. Well, I don’t know which masses Ford is thinking of, exactly, because from what I’ve seen so far, the Audi e-bike seems a bit expensive for some bikers.

The Ford E-bike Concept that has been presented at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show features a front-hub mounted electric motor. The ultra-light carbon and aluminum frame encases a lithium ion battery that is designed to propel the biker for up to 85 kilometers (53 miles).

Here is the spot where advanced technology comes into play: the E-bike Concept uses magnetostriction sensor technology which converts magnetic energy into kinetic energy.

“More and more people are using e-bikes for short distance commuting and they are becoming comfortable with the concept of electric mobility,” sayd Axel Wilke, Ford Europe.

He also mentioned that the e-bike market is in a continuous growth, other manufacturers having sold some 30 million units globally only last year.

Indeed, the (cheap) electrification of cars is an important step towards a cleaner future, but bikes… bikes are already clean. From a certain point of view, putting batteries onto such vehicles only makes them dirtier, but nevertheless cleaner if this is the only way some people who currently drive petrol cars will get off from their comfy seat and enjoy biking to work, both electrically and foot-powered.

[via pcmag]

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