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Ford Fusion Receives “Green Car of the Year” Award at the LA Auto Show


Ford Fusion was named Green Car of the Year 2013, this September at the LA Car Show. Ford entered the competition with models such as the Toyota Prius, Dodge Dart Aero, Mazda CX-5 SKYACTIV, and another vehicle from the Ford family, the Ford C-MAX.

The Fusion Hybrid will travel 100 miles (160 kilometers) with a gallon of fuel. This means a real breakthrough regarding hybrid vehicles. In 2012, the Honda Civic Natural Gas received the award, following the Chevrolet Volt in the year 2011.

David Mondragon, the general marketing manager of the Ford company has stated that “We’ve moved our brand from laggards to leaders in fuel economy.” He also said that fuel consumption of the new model is “eye-popping.” A blue Fusion Hybrid model was unveiled for the public on the second day of the LA Auto show, which can be attended until December 9.

The buyers can choose from five different Ford Fusion 2013 models, three of them equipped with gas engines, a hybrid model and a plug-in hybrid. The gas engines of the Fusion are built around the concept of fuel efficiency, the hybrid model can get up to 47 mpg, and the plug-in hybrid to 100 mpg.

Ron Cogan, the founder of the Green Car of the Year award, and publisher at the Green Car Journal says it is no overstatement in the importance of this new technology developed by Ford. Also it is of real importance that the Fusion model comes with five different engine tunings, suited for the eventual needs of the customers.

In the past few years car making companies have made serious efforts to develop fuel-efficient gas engine types that run on electricity as well, simultaneously. Determined by the higher manufacturing costs of the hybrid models, the market of these cars has remained a bit behind the traditional vehicles, but it is slowly catching up.

For those concerned with green energy and environment friendly automobiles the Ford Fusion hybrid is a real breakthrough. The starting price of the vehicle is $21,700, which is a real wallet-friendly price for purchasing a wallet-friendly automobile.

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