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Ford Motor Company or Tesla Motors, Who Owns the “Model E” Trademark?

1904 Ford Model F, Not Quite the Competitor for Tesla Motors' Model E
1904 Ford Model F, Not Quite the Competitor for Tesla Motors’ Model E

You know how rumor mills are, often worth less than the salt we take their words with. On the other hand, could their be something to the rumor of an upcoming Tesla Motors Model E?

Those of us who love what Tesla Motors has done for the electric vehicle, if not for our wallets, really took to heart the rumor that a mass-market electric vehicle could be in the works. Most people simply can’t afford a Tesla Roadster, which might be replaced by a Tesla Model R (for Roadster), or a Tesla Model S (for Sedan), or even a Tesla Model X (for Crossover or X-Over?).

On the other hand, a Tesla Model E (for Everyone, get it?) would be something that more people could get their hands on, if the price is right. Of course, there isn’t any Tesla Motors Model E, at least not yet. Ford Motor Company might ensure that no one ever makes a Model E, in spite of the fact that Ford hasn’t made a “Model (Insert Letter of Choice)” in about a hundred years.

Tesla Motors has already filed for the “Model E” trademark, but hasn’t decided what it will call its mass-market model. Still, this has gotten Ford Motor Company riled up, who has also filed for the “Model E” trademark, which harkens back to the days when Henry Ford really had no better idea than to start with the Ford “Model A.”

Now that stylish young upstart Tesla Motors plans on making a move into the mass-market segment with a possible Tesla Model E, Ford Motor Company will have to prove that it has rights to the trademark. Ford did produce a few Model x and Model y vehicles, there was never an official Ford Model E.

Today, we do have the Ford E-Series cargo van, but does it really qualify for the trademark? I think it’s too late to call it the Ford Model E, but if Ford wins the trademark dispute, there may never be a “Model E” produced by either company.

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  1. Ford Motor Company. The auto company that calculated a  dollar value for human life to avoid installing an inexpensive simple piece of plastic as preventative measure in hopes of saving a human life. What’s Ford’s plan, introduce a retro model E? Unlikely, just harassing a challenger in the luxury car  market.. The only persons who can afford Teslas are those who can afford high end Mercuries


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