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Tesla Model S Breaks Consumer Reports Ratings System, Scores 103%

Passengers react to Tesla's "insane mode".
Passengers react to Tesla’s “insane mode”.

Tesla’s innovative technology is in the news again, this time for breaking the Consumer Reports rating system.

The Tesla Model S P85D “insane” mode performed so well during testing that it received a score of 103 points out of a possible 100. Consumer Reports will have to update their metrics so that the P85D has an official score of 100/100.

The combination of sports car-like performance and energy efficiency skyrocketed the new Tesla mode past the maximum score. Since cars traditionally do not perform well in both areas, Consumer Reports has never seen another vehicle score so high in both categories.

Tesla only broke the ratings scale while the P85D was in ‘insane’ mode. Considering that Tesla has already announced another model with the aptly-named “ludicrous mode”, Consumer Reports may need to revamp its ratings system once again. The new all-wheel-drive 90kWh model, known as the P90D, can accelerate from 0-to-60 mph in just 2.8 seconds while in ludicrous mode.

This is not the first time Tesla has surpassed a consumer product ratings system. While the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration was crash testing the Model S, it received a score of 5.4/5.0, although the official records simply listed it as scoring 5.0/5.0. No other car had received such a high rating during testing.

Consumer Reports‘ head of automotive testing, Jake Fisher, does not seem surprised that Tesla’s innovation broke their system. “This is a glimpse into what we can expect down the line, where we have cars with the performance of supercars and the comfort, convenience and safety features of a luxury car while still being extremely energy efficient,” he explained in an interview with Bloomberg.

According to Fisher, the P85D has “better braking and handling” than other Tesla Model S, but is more energy efficient, getting about 87 mpg.

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