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3 Tips for Choosing Eco Friendly Gadgets


green-bulbIt is difficult to be an environmentally-friendly consumer. People are more interested in green living than ever, which is great. The downside is that marketers will claim that something is eco-friendly just to make a profit. The tips below will help make decisions when buying products.


1. Be Skeptical and Do Research

The first step to finding the right product is research. Often, products that are marketed as energy-saving are being compared to older models that are no longer relevant or models that consume a lot of energy. Also, unless a product is meant to replace a broken one, buying new products will only increase your carbon footprint. The emissions associated with manufacturing and shipping even eco-friendly gadgets will always be greater than continued use of an old product.

2. Plastic is Not Always a Bad Choice

While plastic is, of course, made from petroleum, it has some advantages for both the consumer and the environment. Since plastic is fairly durable, devices made from plastic can last a long time. This saves on manufacturing and shipping of new products, which will cause less damage in the long run. In addition, many plastic is recyclable. By buying plastics that are recyclable and that will be used many times, you are making a sustainable choice.

3. Wood Packaging is Not Always a Good Choice

Computer manufacturers like Asus or Dell have begun packaging some of their computers in wood. Wood packaging can actually be great – if the packaging is made from a wood like bamboo, which is sustainable because it grows fast and is abundant. It is also important to consider what material was replaced. If bamboo replaces metal or plastic packaging, then it can safely be considered an eco-friendly gadget.

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