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Super Affordable and Compact d.light Solar Lantern Exceeds Users Expectations


d.light-solar-lantern-lead1-537x389All camping and hiking lovers know that one of the most essential gadgets that every backpack should contain is a good light source of some sort. Most such techs, however, are quite pricey, need a socket for charging or are well too bulky. But most, does not mean all. Check out the d.light S2 lantern, powered by solar, small and highly affordable.

Before you say that this is yet another gadget that will require near-constant exposure to sunlight in order to provide merely an hour of light at night, stop right there. User experience not only shows that this little light source called d.light S2 does everything that it says on the box, but also apparently exceeds all expectations.

Thanks to Tafline Laylin, a blogger and a big fan of the technology, we can get a better picture and gain a bit more trust in what is being sold to us. So, let’s have a look at the advantages that one can make use of.

Firstly, and most importantly, the d.light lantern comes at half the price of any other similar technology. Because it is designed to serve millions around the world, who do not have continuous access to power, the lantern is made in a very affordable fashion. It is highly robust, made to resist damage.

The lantern is very small and portable as it is, but to make it even easier to transport, the designers from d.light design have made it foldable. It does not require batteries, hence it does not generate unnecessary waste, and charges in a space of a few hours at direct sunlight. Apparently, if it is used for two-three hours a day, the full charge will provide you light for a good couple of evenings.

It definitely sounds like a brilliant gadget to have, and I will surely add it to my camping gear. Do you know of any other useful addition to the backpack? If you have experience with a “green” something that has exceeded your expectations, please do share!

Image (c) Tafline Laylin

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