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Ford Th!nk – pretty small electric car


Ford Th!nkFord Motor Company is taking a major step to jump-start the development of affordable small electric vehicles, and that step is catching the eye of drivers around the world. Ford has purchased majority interest in Norwegian-based PIVCO Industries, the manufacturer of the two-passenger TH!NK electric city car.

TH!NK is hard not to notice because of its corrosion-free, matte-finish thermoplastic body that measures 10 feet in length. It has an aluminum space frame that provides overall strength for the car and enables it to already meet European safety standards. TH!NK has a top speed of 55 miles per hour and a range of about 50 real world miles between charges. Drivers simply plug TH!NK into a normal 220 volt electrical outlet to recharge. An 80 percent recharge takes 4-6 hours. The car went on sale in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden before the end of 1999 and is powered by nickel cadmium batteries with a 10-year life.

The company has plans for TH!NK to be sold in North American in the year 2000. Its potential in other markets will be explored as well. Fifty prototype vehicles have been on the road in Norway for two years testing the concept. Another test program was held in 1995 when 40 cars were used as part of the Bay Area Station Car Program in San Francisco. It’s expected that about 1500 of the EVs will be built in its first year of production.




Nickel-cadmium batteries.






7 secs

Top speed:

55 mph

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