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How Free Neutrons Bounce Between Two Mirror Worlds – Could This Be The Path to Free Energy?

A neutron’s quark structure (source: Wikipedia)

Free energy, or zero-point energy has been lately linked with the Universe’s dark matter. Although not yet determined experimentally, dark matter could be behind scientists’ latest discovery talking about neutrons and a parallel world that they have been determined to visit in the presence of magnetic fields.

Fabrizio Nesti and Zurab Berezhiani from the University of l’Aquila, Italy, continuing the work of their colleague Anatoly Serebrov from the Institut Laue-Langevin, in France, observed an abnormal loss of free neutrons during some of their experiments, phenomenon which could not be explained by neither classic or relativistic physics.

One of their hypotheses have been the existence of a parallel world containing mirror particles of the neutrons, with each neutron being able to bounce back and forth between its state from this world and its mirror twin in the other world. Their theory says that the transition is sensitive to magnetic fields and that they’ll probably be able to determine it experimentally in the future.

A fact that led to this theory is the short transition time of the neutrons, much lower than the neutron decay time, which happens only after 10 minutes.

Another theory that says that our planet has a mirror magnetic field of 0.1 Gauss, which is induced by mirror particles floating throughout the galaxy as dark matter, and the Earth could capture the mirror matter through some feeble interactions between regular particles and those in the parallel world.

These theories raise a lot of questions, like: Could those “weird” experiments involving free energy or zero-point energy, apparently having no scientific or logical basis be true because of the parallel world? How could we transfer energy/information between the two worlds, and what would be the consequences?

It’s hard to answer these questions, but I guess open-minded people like the ones interested in free energy could theorize how these things could happen, and some open-minded scientists with enough knowledge and will to discover the unknown will have the courage (and audacity) to speak them aloud once he’d get the know-how.

So experiments with magnetic motors like the one made by Howard Johnson or by John Bedini, might have a scientific explanation, after all… in a few decades.

Read the scientific paper here.

[via phys.org]

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  1. There is no such thing as free energy but there is a lot of energy that is free. Energy is like water behind a dam, its there but if you don’t use or see it for all practical purposes it doesn’t exist. Our world swims in a multitude of energy forms. We are bombarded with radiation from our nearest star as well as the distant ones. Internal heat from our world along with the sun generate weather, continental drift ¬†and a vast number of natural energy sources we’ve known about for ever. Thing that gets me is we try to take 21st century ¬†technology and harness it to a steam locomotive. We have got to do better. There are more ways to extract energy from our surroundings than can be mentioned here…..so in short there is no shortage of energy but what is lacking is clean effective ways of converting this energy for use.


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