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Fuel Vapors System Runs Car in Charlotte County


geostormHave your ever run your car on “fumes”? They’re fuel vapors that form when it evaporates.

One man, John Weston, from Charlotte County, FL, has found these fumes useful and made a fuel vapors system out of them so his car gets an incredible mileage: 463 miles per gallon! In European measurements (if I’m correct) this is 0.8L/100km!!! Wow! Not even VW’s latest gadget car can’t get this mileage!

John has found by trial and error the method to get the fuel vapors “inhaled” by the engine. He cut the fuel injector lines in his 1992 Geo Storm and adapted the whole thing to run on fuel vapors.

In an interview he gave to NBC-2, John Weston states: “It came up to 463 miles a gallon if we had driven in the same manner – a gallon. I drove from here to Fort Myers, and I’m up there keeping up with traffic running 80 mph.” The NBC reporters were even took to a test drive, where the engine stumbled a little bit and John said he put too much fuel vapors on the pipe, so when he lowered the vapors, everything got back to normal.

Some mechanics say that disconnecting the fuel lines and not feeding the engine with regular liquid fuel will eventually ruin it. It may be so, but precautions can be taken and proper oiling can be made so the engine is well-lubricated. The same thing applies to natural gas-converted cars, and they run smoothly forever (it’s only gas, not oil). I don’t know much about mechanics, but if you find a system that gets you 463mpg, you’re also smart enough to find a proper lubrication system.

NBC-2 relates that John Weston is waiting for investors, because he wants to sell his fuel vapors system so the whole world benefits from it. I keep thinking about hoaxes in the energy industry. Some solutions are too simple and too mainstream-published to be hoaxes. There are also law prosecutions for that matter. I don’t know. It remains to be seen. In the meanwhile, it’s a great idea having this mileage. If that car can run on nothing else but fuel vapors, an idea pops into my mind: why wouldn’t a car run on hydrogen, for instance?

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  1. Hello Christopher,   I’ts been a long time since I have been able to get online but am glad to see the post you left on this page . I still need to get emails back up and running but you can contact me a 765 377-0628 if you are still interested in the AVFS and would like to contact me.   Thak you for your willingnes help get a lawyer to ge e out of the bogus charges thestate brought against me.  

  2. Hi Bill,

    My name is Christopher and I would like to get in touch with you with regards the whereabouts of John himself as he seems to have been the target of an illegal arrest and incarceration by those who want to prevent him from getting his invention out into the public domain. The purpose of my contacting you is first of all to find out if you know anything about what has happened to him and the second is to see if I can raise any funds for hiring a lawyer to get him out. I would also like to know where John is located. Please email me at judge_dredd(at)operamail(dot)com.

  3. FYI to anyone that may be interested, I happen to know this guy and have been in this car running up the road…. several times. The stated mileage is indeed accurate. As for Johns motivations, this guy has never been “well monied” and is simply looking for a stable economic environment in which to work… like most people we all know. Actually, there are many examples of this technique on the web: search “running a car on gas vapor”. I’ve actually replicated this myself and have toyed with the introduction of HHO as well but have been distracted by other elements of life lately. I will, however, be able to refocus my efforts back to the gas vapor/HHO arena soon and have no doubt that the results will be fruitful.

  4. hydrogen vapors ?? :)) jeez…
    last time I checked, hydrogen was gaseous, unless you plan scratching your left ear with the right hand and liquify the hydrogen then evaporate it…

  5. RE: Logan,

    So I suppose that everyone should work for free? I think you should take the lead, tell your boss tomorrow that you will now work for free since Capitalism, in your opinion, is wrong and evil.

  6. I love the quote “he wants to sell his invention so the whole world benefits from it.” PUH-LEESE!! He wasnt to sell his invention so HE can benfit from it. If he REALLY wanted the world to benefit from it, then he would take a camera, get a website & post how to build it on that site & make it available for the world so the would could benefit from it. Just another great example of some individual selling out the rest of the world for his own gain. Some might say survival of the fittest, but it’s the same mentality that corporate America has done. Build everything some where else for cheap labor & take the jobs away from here in America so they can get their multi-million dollar bonus or salaries, leaving America as a whole to suffer. Bit of a rant there but it’s all connected.


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