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General Motors Developing a High Range Electric Vehicle for 2014

Chevy Spark EV at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show
Chevy Spark EV at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show

Automobile technology is continually evolving, and one rumor we’d like to see come true is General Motors high range electric vehicle that’s actually affordable.

It’s no secret that the typical electric vehicle is rather pathetic when it comes to range. Of course, you could always install bigger batteries, but this pushes the price out of the range of most people.

A high range electric vehicle isn’t just about having the biggest battery, because at some point the battery’s weight starts to outweigh the extra miles.

This is the main reason that today’s electric vehicles are made with lithium-ion batteries instead of heavier, by many times, lead acid. General Motors is developing a high range electric vehicle, something like the Spark EV, but with a 200mi range.

General Motors already has many things in place to develop a new high range electric vehicle, including the application of new lightweight materials, their previous experience with the EV1 and the current Chevy VOLT and Spark EV projects. If they can make it affordable, even better! General Motors CEO Dan Ackerson reiterated his determination to have better than 500,000 electrified vehicles on the road by 2017.

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