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Get Free Water Using The Sun!


Max Whisson has developed a device that captures water from the atmosphere and pours it into your glass, so you can drink it. There are many inventions regarding this subject, but his is the most interesting to me, because it’s fuel-free and electricity-free. By “electricity” I mean the electric current you take from the wall outlet.

His devices is simple: as you can see in the image, there are several tubes. Ok, the tubes are made of metal, but what’s interesting is that they gather water by being cool. So: the air hits the tubes, it has humidity in it, and once it reaches the colder tube the water condenses along its walls. The most interesting part is that the cooler is ran by a compressor which is fed directly from a solar battery! So you have free water at your disposal to drink.

I don’t know if such a device would be useful in polluted countries, or in big cities. The water would have to undergo a procedure of cleansing and disinfecting that would be more complicated and would use more consumables than it would do any good. This type of device is good in poor countries, or in the countryside, where there are not so many pollutant factors, and the sanitizing of the water would be much simpler.

Also, Whisson said he would donate a percentage of his fabricated devices to developing countries, where they are needed most.

A large scale version of such a device may be used for sustaining the crops’ water needs during the hot summer days.


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