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The Nuclear Era Will End Before 2030


A parliamentary group, called “The Greens” has released a report on Wednesday in which they underline the lack of nuclear development during the latest years, although some over-exaggerate its growing line.

Many aging reactors are to be closed before 2030, they having to be replaced with another 338 new ones. The development rhythm is far too slow for the 338 new reactors to be put up online before 2030. And, remember: humanity’s energetic needs get bigger and bigger each day. How are we going to support all of these needs by using nuclear power, if the investments lower, due to skepticism from the business class?

Finally, is seems that the world wakes up in a certain way – at least an economic-political one. There are campaigns all over the world promoting renewable energy sources and pollution-free methods of generating it. This has become slowly the point of view of the investors.

Energy isn’t free. If it was, the world would have been different. But someday it will be, as humanity transcends towards a new stage of existence. Everything is out there with a purpose. Even we are at the same time a purpose and a mean. But that’s another story.

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