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Global Warming Might Be Reversed Using New Method


Crop BurningAccording to experts, a combination of tree and crop burning for energy and capturing and storing carbon dioxide underground (CCS) might just be the way to reverse global warming.

In the research journal Environmental Research Letters, scientists at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden stated that a combination of bioenergy and the CCS method is the most financially-friendly way to address carbon emissions. The method will even abate or even reverse other fossil fuel emissions.

However, Professor Christian Azar, the lead author of the study, maintains that to achieve temperature reversal, CCS and bioenergy must be combined with a large-scale expansion of nuclear power and renewable energy in order to reduce emissions to zero.

Expert Dr. Vivian Scott of the Scottish Carbon Capture Storage at the University of Edinburgh peer reviewed the study and believes it has a sound conclusion. She warned that this research must not be interpreted as a magic bullet solution and that addressing global warming is still an ongoing process that must involve both cooperative and individual action.

In general, lowering emissions has been painfully slow. In fact, from 1990 to 2010 the International Energy Agency said the average amount of carbon dioxide produced for each unit of energy generated has not changed.

The study is controversial, and many environmentalists believe that burning trees for power may be worse that burning coal. They posit that just because it is a solution to global warming doesn’t mean it’s the most viable, environmentally friendly solution.

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