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GM Tours The Volt Throughout The US for Showcasing Purposes


The new Volt electric car will amaze US in the “Unplugged Tour of America“, giving everyone a chance to take it for a test drive. With little time left before its roll off an assembly line in Michigan, the “protagonist” has already been tagged with the price of $41,000.

Regardless the fact that General Motors is offering a $350 a month lease on the Volt as an alternative to that spicy price tag, the company still has a lot of marketing to do.

People have different views regarding the price and safety of the vehicle. Amy Lovato of Westfield, N.J., said that the price is indeed an issue, but quickly added “I’m also interested in doing what’s right for the environment.” Whereas for Jose DaCruz of Astoria, Queens, price isn’t a problem also adding “I don’t think it’s that safe,” as General Motors insisted to be.

People who are looking to get off the petrol powered cars, might have to wait for a while. Peterson revealed that by the end of the year, only 200 or so Volts will be produced for retail sales as production starts slowly to ensure the quality of the product. GM has also announced that it will produce only ten thousand Volts in the calendar year 2011, following an increased number of vehicles to be produced later that year.

Peterson stated “Over time the cost of these vehicles is gonna come down,” as engineers refine and simplify their efforts. He also said “Corporate (sales) are important because it gives volume, it gives economies of scale, but consumers are where the enthusiasm and the passion will play out and will actually fuel the movement from gas-powered vehicles to electric powered vehicles,” as a reply to the intention of General Electric (parent company of NBC) of purchasing tens of thousands of electric vehicles for its own employees.

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