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‘Go Bag’ Emergency Kit Prepares You for Natural Disasters


originalClimate change is happening, and just as predicted, extreme weather events are intensifying. Natural disasters are occurring all over the world, affecting more people than ever before. So, are you prepared in case something hits you? If not, reach for the disaster kit “Go Bag“.

Being well prepared for a hurricane, tsunami or a pandemic flu is extremely important, especially if you live in a disaster-prone area. It is so vital that it determines whether you live or die. If you thought that at the moment when the hurricane warning is released, you would be able to gather everything you need and evacuate your home, you would be in for quite a surprise.

According to a survey conducted by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the main reason for the lack of preparedness among people, is the fact that many, or 62% of the Americans to be more exact, simply rely on emergency services and outside help. Unfortunately, as the agency points out, it is very likely that such assistance does not come your way for at least 72 hours, therefore it is essential that you have not only food supplies, but also all necessary equipment right next to you.

When Eric Meltzer, the main person behind “The Open Company“, realized that, he decided to develop a product that can aid people in the most dreaded situation, when outside help is far far away. He gathered a team of specialists in various fields to develop the product “Go Bag“. It is a small emergency pack that contains everything you might need to help you get through the first couple of days after a disaster. The items in the pack have been carefully selected based on users’ feedback and include flashlights and other tools like firestarters, duct tape, solid fuel and batteries. Among other things, It also contains a first aid kit, hygiene products, water treatment gadgets and blankets to keep you warm. It also comes with a manual in case you are not entirely certain of what to do with some of the items.

The disaster preparedness kit was just launched on Kickstarter and it definitely looks like a great deal, thanks to various discounts by the manufacturers. The cost of the whole pack is $255, which is half of what you would pay if you are to buy all individual components separately. The campaign ends in a month from now, so if you are interested in putting some money towards it, hurry up.

Image (c) The Open Company

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