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Gogoro Electric Scooter Home Charger Unveiled


The Gogoro electric scooter, the Smartscooter, could be coming to a city near you.Like other firms at the Consumer Electronics Show, Gogoro is showing off their next big thing.

Gogoro is the manufacturer of electric Smartscooters, popular in Taiwan and set to be introduced in Amsterdam this year. Part of their popularity stems from their battery banks, where users can swap out their dying batteries for charged ones, essentially providing a recharge time of just seconds.

Now, they could be coming to you. The company showed their new GoCharger at CES, which lets you charge your Gogoro electric scooter battery at home. As users could only swap and charge batteries at designated points, this makes the product much more convenient, as well as easier to use.

Another handy feature is that the batteries in the GoCharger can be monitored by a user’s smartphone, so that information about the battery charge and life can be delivered easily.

The GoCharger will also come in two models, one for overnight use and one “speed charger.” In an effort to help facilitate more environmentally friendly transportation like the Gogoro electric scooter, the company will also provide the GoCharger for free as long as it is publicly accessible.

As regulations for scooters vary from city, region and country, there are many legal obligations for the company to meet. This could possibly be why the company has sold 4,000 scooters to date. However, CEO Horace Luke and his team have come up with a way to find the right markets to pursue.

Participate in the Gogoro OPEN (Owner Proposed Energy Network) Initiative, and nominate your community to be in the next market expansion. The nominations data will provide potential direction for the next market expansion, and a Gogoro electric scooter could be near you soon.

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