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Google Releases Free Energy Monitoring Software


google_oxscy_69Google announced the release of a free software that allows users to monitor their home electricity use and mitigate the effects of global warming, without paying anything extra for the effort.

Dan Reicher, Director for Climate Change and Energy Initiatives at Google said that they were currently in talks with utility companies in the United Sates, Asia and  Europe to make the product available to the general public as soon as possible.

Google claims that their software will enable homeowners to save up to 15% of energy, which is usually wasted in running appliances that are not actually being used. The software will show real-time energy consumption statistics over a telephone or the user’s computer.

“It will get rolled out very soon to regular energy consumers,” Reicher said, without providing exact timings.

“When I began getting information about my own home, I discovered that I had a 35-year electric motor running for my heating system. That was using huge amount of electricity. I did not realize that’s the change I need to make in my home.”

In my opinion this software can be good for an eco-conscious homeowner, but for others it’ll just be a simple tool without much use. There is no harm in trying it since the software will come for free.

[via Reuters]

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