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Google Uses Micro Biorefinery for Powering Test Vehicle


Cool Planet Energy Systems introduces its ingenious clean-technology product – a modular and shippable micro biorefinery for on-site biofuel generation that costs only $1.5 per gallon of biofuel produced; and one of its clients, Google, has been testing this product by using 5% share of biofuel in its campus vehicle’s transport fuel.

Google’s fuel test drive at Mountain View, California resulted to a mileage of more than 2,400 miles while complying with California’s 2020 low carbon emission standard.

The micro biorefinery also produces a byproduct called bio-char that has dual purpose: soil enhancer and efficient carbon capture, which make their system a net carbon-negative process, according to Cool Planet.

The only downside to the micro biorefinery system is that the optimum carbon emission and cost reductions can only be achieved at sites that have immediate access to feedstock which minimizes transportation costs and emissions.

The system is devised to make full use of non-food biomass such as wood chips and corn stalks. Hence, it can be of practical use to any parts of the U.S. such that aside from Google, it has also attracted companies like General Electric, ConocoPhillips, Exelon, British Petroleum, and NRG Energy, Inc.

[via TriplePundit]


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