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Wireless and Efficient Charging of Electric Vehicles Now Safe


Charging electrical vehicles wirelessly is now possible, according to Canadian researchers. Although there are some concerns about unknown health risks on humans that might be caused by high power and high frequency electromagnetic fields, Professor Lorne Whitehead from University of British Columbia is certain that such technology would provide a highly anticipated solution for all electrical devices.

The technology that the team has developed is claimed to be safe and efficient. It operates at very low frequency and with almost non-existent exposed electric fields.

This is achieved using remote magnetic gears, one has a rotating base magnet powered by electricity from the grid, and another one, which is placed inside the car to avoid the use of radio waves. The base gear spins the gear inside the vehicle which generates power and charges the battery.

In order to test the new technology, four wireless charging stations have been located across the University campus and the service vehicles have been fitted with the magnetic gears. The results show that this type of system is 90% more efficient, allowing full charging of the vehicles in four hours and ensuring that they can operate an eight hour shift.

The managing director of UBC Building Operations, David Woodson, is happy to announce that automatically charging a car only by parking it in the parking lot has been welcomed by the university drivers.

Via: UPI

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