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Google Investing in Wireless EV Charging Business


With the pressing need to find reliable energy alternatives, Google is definitely pressing on in the right direction. After the ground-breaking release of the Plugless Power system, Evatran – Google’s Virginia section, the company is undergoing tests on wireless recharging of electric cars.

First of all, this is not something new for Google. Just about the same way you see low-speed golf carts or small vehicles on Hollywood shooting sets, Google has set up their own “neighborhood electric vehicles” (NEVs).

They help carry the employees and clients from one building to another inside their campus. The only difference is that these vehicles are electric. Not only that, but they recharge wirelessly!

How does it work? You have an electric car, an electric transformer and a charger. The key component here is the electric transformer.

When the car and the charger come close, there’s a flow of electricity between them which charges the car. When the “tank is full,” the charge ends automatically. I’s that simple! Much like an everyday phone battery charge…

The link between the car and the wireless charger is done through inductive currents, a technology already used for more than a hundred years.

This is the first time Google is officially undertaking the task of making a wireless charger. If all goes well, the company is planning on including other companies that volunteer to test the technology in their own backyard. The future looks bright for wireless charging, especially when Google’s got its back!

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