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The Pollution-Promoting Laws of the US Federal Government So Far


The United States Federal Government has decided that pollution isn’t important. Some of our worst fears have been realized, with Scott Pruitt taking the EPA in a direction that will create environmental havoc. The Trumpian era has begun, with a rapid movement to change the ideas that have been a foundation for positive political action since the 1970’s.

It began with a gag order for the EPA, with a new director that has a record of putting profit first. Scott Pruitt cares nothing for keeping toxic chemicals out of the environment, but if he can help large companies to profit he feels like he has done his job.

President Trump has decided to repeal a body of law that protects the environment, and at the same time has opened up the United States to an increase in almost any form of carbon heavy energy development conceivable.

The Keystone XL pipeline was recently approved, so in addition to Dakota Access, flyover country has another fresh hell to look forward to. There have been protests, with an outcry from the American people that has been unheard of in decades. But in a country where an executive order takes precedence, there is little chance of a sea-change in official policy.

The new federal brew hasn’t limited themselves to destroying the laws that protected the earth, with a campaign to change the ideological base that allowed environmentalism to grow in relevancy. The phrase “climate change” is no longer part of the official vocabulary, and the EPA now has an uncertain mission.

While this would be a seemingly bleak time, it is perhaps so much worse than we care to imagine.

President Trump’s term in office has just begun.

The American populous has shown itself to be willing to accept outrageous action from the federal government, fighting reprehensible acts of gross corruption with poster board and marker. Sadly for the sign making public, I don’t think the Emperor is listening.

I would urge you all to smile, and stop hoping for real change to just happen during the next four years, at least.

[via treehugger]

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