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Message for America: Have a Green Independence Day!


First of all, I must say I am not an American. Over the years, America’s economical supremacy has led the world’s trends from zero to where we are now. Today, America celebrates the Independence Day. Independence itself is the greatest concept of them all, it’s the feeling of freedom and the fiesta of life. Or, at least, it should be so, for every american living on this planet. Americans must not lead wars for conquering oil-filled lands, americans must not live on others’ goods. Americans have their own resources of energy, have their own talents (even if they’re borrowed), and last, but not least, America has been and is the dream of any human seeking freedom and fair justice.

So, on your national day celebration, fellow Americans, think about all these! Think that your nation is the image of power, beauty and freedom among all the people of the world! Do not make mistakes and ruin this image! You have already began to do that by being in the front line of petrol price raise… The American fellows are nice people… don’t disappoint us, the rest, by showing us something else! And if your leaders want to prove you’re strong, on your shoulders and to your disadvantage, don’t let them do that!

Today is your Independence Day, free yourself from foreign oil! Free yourself from your present and future slavery, and also help others do that. Love all the others. That’s the freedom your ancestors wanted from their grandchildren in the first place.

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