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H2GO: Run Your Car On Water & Gasoline System Unveiled at SEMA 2008


For whoever laughed at those inventions and inventors claiming that they run their cars on hydrogen, or improve their mileage using hydrogen generated on-board their cars, here’s a piece of news that’s going to raise an eyebrow.

Ronn Motors Company, the ones who a couple of days ago announced the unveiling of their Scorpion sportscar, unveiled yesterday the standalone hydrogen booster behind their sportscar. The Scorpion uses a proprietary system called H2GO, which is a hydrogen-on-demand producing system.

What does H2GO do? It splits water with electricity generated by the alternator. Although some say this breaks the second law of thermodynamics, Ronn Motors is already taking orders for both the Scorpion and the H2GO. The announcements have been made at SEMA Auto Show in Las Vegas, between November 4th and 7th.

The H2GO system directly injects the onboard produces hydrogen into the fuel mixture, adding 25-30 percent efficiency to any engine: “The new Hydrogen-On-Demand system will be available through Ronn Motor Company distributors under the H2GO brand, providing automotive dealerships, trucking fleets, government fleets and individual automobile owners an economical aftermarket solution for increasing gas mileage while reducing noxious emissions harmful to the environment. The Company has projected for their distributors that the automotive H2GO system manufacturer’s suggested retail pricing will be $999 per unit.”

I wrote an article about their H2GO hydrogen car in June, where the Scorpion is described in more depth.

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