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Hawaii's Amazing Hydrogen Fuel Project Implemented by 2015


The Hawaiian island of Oahu is about to make a huge progress in the alternative energy field compared to the rest of the country, regarding the creation of a new era for energy infrastructure and environmentally-friendly transportation.

The state’s gas company has recently signed a partnership with General Motors to develop an island-wide hydrogen fueling system by the end of 2015. When the new project will be completed, it will include numerous fueling stations and hydrogen fuel cell-powered cars.

Unlike carbon and other fossil fuels, hydrogen is more abundant and generates only water. As the experts said, Hawaii is the best location to test out the technology at a low cost. What is amazing is that the island already has a steady supply of hydrogen, pumped through the 1,000-mile state utility pipeline.

“Hawaii’s Gas Co. currently makes the hydrogen equivalent of 7,000 gasoline gallons per day…[this] could power as many as 15,000 fuel-cell vehicles,” according to an LA Times article.

The idea is to build a few fueling stations along a densely populated 25-mile stretch of roads encompassing Honolulu. The stations will extract hydrogen from the utility pipeline and then pass it through a fuel cell.

Until now, GM has more than 119 Chevy Equinox fuel cell vehicles driving around the United States, out of which about 50 units will go to Hawaii. The company wants to start building more fuel cell cars and wants to make them available on the market by 2015.

[Source: Discovery News]

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