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Giant Helium Balloons Could Stop Global Warming


Scientists at Oxford, Cambridge, Bristol and Edinburgh Universities have recently developed a Wembley Stadium-sized helium balloon, tethered to a ship that is expected to reduce or even stop global warming.

The working principle is as follows: the 660 ft-long balloon will pump in the atmosphere millions of tons of water mixed with salts, clay, sulphates and metal oxides which, according to the researchers will then work as a mirror, reflecting the sun’s rays back into space.

Their plan is to have 10 balloons like this worldwide, thus providing a chance for global temperatures to decrease by a whopping 2 degrees Celsius.

More details about the £1.6million, three-year project, funded by a Government grant, have been presented at the British Science Festival at the University of Bradford.

If the plan is approved, the 660ft-long balloons would be positioned far out to sea.

[via Greenlaunches/Dailymail]

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