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Helix Folding Bike – World’s Smallest of Its Kind


helix-folding-bikeHelix – the bike that folds to an incredibly small size, is here to rescue your daily commute.

Daily commute can be quite a trouble if you want to stay green, especially when distance to final destination requires you to switch between different transport modes.

There is a growing tendency among young people and first-time house buyers to work to live in a small town, nearby the big city. Partly driven by the prices of rents and houses in the metropolitan centers, where most job offers and opportunities are, many people have to switch between various modes of transport in order to get to the workplace at 9-o’clock sharp.

Now, if you are one of the commuting people with a house and office located in a walking distance from the station, then you should consider yourself very lucky. Unfortunately, most of us cannot say that, and even if we have the possibility to do at least one of the stretches by bike, then we face that painful issue of having a thousand locks needed to ensure the two-wheeler will still be where we left it on our return.

Here comes the folding bike concept to the rescue, making life that little bit easier, but many of the models out there are still heavy and bulky, even when folded. Probably this is the exact inconvenience that has driven Canadian inventor Peter Boutakis to develop a super light bike, which folds smaller than any other existing two-wheeler of this type- meet the Helix.

This folding bike weighs the modest 9.5 kg (21lb), thanks to its titanium frame, and folds to a tiny package with 584 x 635 x 229 mm (23 × 25 × 9 in) dimensions. Packaging the bike is a very fast 3-step process which leaves you with a compact small load with wheels that can still be used to make the carrying even easier. Helix also has 9-speed transmission, disc brakes, and spring-loaded locks that make it rigid and safe on the road.

Helix is very convenient, it has to be admitted, especially for those among us living in places where the train fare for a regular bike is almost as fat as the one for a passenger (folding bikes travel for free). In addition to this, it helps you save on the monthly local bus ticket fare from the station to the final destination, that can easily consume a  big part of your pay check (most probably exceeding the price you pay for a Helix).

Helix is also especially handy for peak hour commuters, who know better than anyone that every inch of free space on that morning train is worth a treasure. And if you can combine this luxury, with not having to carry a huge load along with the laptop bag, and the lunch-gym gear, and all the rest, then you have a pretty sweet deal.

Keep an eye for the upcoming Kickstarter campaign that is about to start in the coming month.

Image (c) Helix

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