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Candle Charger: Back-up Power Using Just Beeswax


57d9fadd155b8ab2d4c28a01ebcd2b39_originalCandle Charger is the ultimate back-up power device, which brings that little bit of extra energy when all the others fail.

Back up chargers are becoming increasingly popular as developments in electronic technologies make devices much more practical, useful and user-friendly. We have introduced quite a number of portable solar power chargers here- from foldable, to fast, to aesthetically beautiful, all of them having huge success among the users. But the truth is, no one can guarantee the the sun will be shining exactly when you need it, and then it all comes down to that battery pack, and its capacity.

There are alternative back-up power devices, of course, but it seems none have really been perfected sufficiently so that they can be used safely outdoors and indoors (i.e. thermoelectric chargers work with open fire) or they come at a reasonable price (i.e. fuel cell chargers that are not only expensive, but also need constant maintenance).

A brand new device that is hoping to attract supporters on Kickstarter, might actually be the solution to all of the above mentioned problems. The makers promise that it works both indoors and outdoors, it is safe, reliable, and does not depend on solar power.

Meet the Candle charger– a brilliant little device that provides instant energy at any moment, using only a candle and some water, and following the ever so popular principle behind the candle heater, the candle-powered wireless speakers, and the egloo heater.

The Candle charger is about 4″ by 4″ (10.16cm), and weighs just over 10oz (300g). With these characteristics, it makes a perfect addition to any emergency kit. The candle inside, a.k.a. the Stower Candle, can burn continuously for 6 hours, and generate enough power to charge two smart phones. During that time, the device also boils about 1l of water (ensuring your tea is ready while you wait for your phone to revive).

The Candle Charger is currently doing quite well on Kickstarter, but it still needs your support. If you were wondering which project to put your money towards, maybe this would be quite a nice one- especially since the “early bird special” is still available- $65 for the Candle Charger and 1 candle. But hurry up!

Image (c)  Candle Charger

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