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KFC Promotes Zero-Waste, Offers Coffee in Cookie Cups


scoffee-edible-coffee-cup-3-537x364Do you want a cookie with your coffee? KFC will give you an even better deal- coffee served in the cookie.

To celebrate their 50th birthday, the big fast food chain has decided to start a campaign for raising awareness about environmental pollution, pointing to disposable cups in particular.  Later on this year, a selected few restaurants in the UK will offer their brewed beverage in edible cookie cups.

The special cups are called Scoff-ee Cup, and are made of a cookie, wrapped in edible paper. The cookie is kept crisp thanks to a thin layer of white chocolate, which resists heat and keeps the coffee warm and the cookie intact. The white chocolate does melt eventually, but it happens very slowly, releasing extra sweetness to your drink. Once you have had your morning caffeine fix, you can indulge on your cup, which is a very tasty cookie, and leave no trace behind you.

The design belongs to Robin Collective, who have also added different aromas to the cups, which get released slowly while the coffee is being drunk. These include scents of coconut, freshly cut grass and wild flowers, which apparently work psychologically on you to make you think of summer, sunshine and holiday time.

I am no fan of fast food restaurants, but I do believe that this initiative is great (although I am not too sure about these extra aromas, but anyway). Who knows, maybe if I happen to be nearby one of the selected restaurants that sell coffee in a zero-waste cup, I might actually enter the place and get a cookie/coffee for novelty reasons. What I really do hope for, however, is that once the campaign is over, the chain switches at least to recyclable coffee cups, otherwise the purpose will be completely defeated.

By the way, while we are on the zero-waste-morning-coffee note, you might want to keep an eye for the CoffeeBar, the chew-able and nutritious version of your morning coffee, which we recently told you about. The Kickstarter campaign was funded successfully, and it might only be a matter of time before it hits the shelves.

Image (c) KFC

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