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Londoners Who Drive Kids to School Could Pay £100 Fine


It looks like East London has had it with traffic around schools. A new policy will fine parents £100 for dropping off their kids, and if they keep at it they fines rise from there.

This policy is aimed at safety, and resolving the problems that school traffic creates for the neighborhoods. In many cases local residents are disturbed by the horde of cars around the school. People have reported being trapped in their driveways in the morning, and clearly this won’t do at all.

Many of the parents are upset by the new policy, and have engaged in the use of metaphors and hyperbole.

“It’s a sledgehammer to crack a nut.” An angry mother was quoted as saying, in response to the policy.

Clearly she isn’t too happy about her little ones having to walk a bit.

The policy isn’t very wide reaching, and the parents could still drop their kids off a few blocks away. I fail to see how this is bad at all. Kids need exercise like the rest of us, and having them walk a few blocks everyday is a really good idea.

Asserting that there is a harm here seems somewhat absurd. As long as special needs children are exempt, and provisions are given for bad weather, I fail to see any downside at all.

Whatever conveniences are lost to the parents, the difference that some movement and fresh air will give the kids is a big win in my book. The byproduct of a safe, well running neighborhood is also quite attractive. People shouldn’t be punished for living near a school.

“Traffic has significantly reduced, and more children are now walking to school, which is a great outcome. I would rather have complaints that we are slightly inconveniencing parents than hear that a child had been seriously injured because nothing was done.” Commented Councillor Jason Frost, an interested party in the matter.

So good for you East London, keep those kids walking. This policy will keeps the streets clean, and all the little ones safe and healthy.

[via treehugger]

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