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Hemp-based Aircraft Fueled with Hemp Bio-diesel to Revolutionize the World


7457573b582b973897e84c5e363180abThe first of its kind airplane made and powered with hemp, is due to be built next year. The concept comes from the environmentalist Derek Kesek, who just signed a contract for construction of the machine with a plane manufacturer from Florida.

People are discovering more and more properties of hemp,  the proud member of the cannabis family. Every once in a while there is a piece that makes the news headlines telling us about construction bio-materials made of hemp, pseudo-graphene for supercapacitors made of hemp, biodiesel, even cars with bodies made of the plant. And it seems, other technologies and developments are just a few months away from being manufactured.

Derek Kesek’s Waterloo-based company, Hempearth, came up with exactly one of these. Meet the first ever hemp aircraft, which is also powered by hemp biofuel.

The plant was selected for its ability to grow in any environment, it is sustainable and does not need additional pesticides or fertilizers to grow, just like the common garden weeds. The plane will have a significantly smaller carbon footprint than any other aircraft, and it meets all regulations set by the aviation sector.

Surely this provides a reasonable justification so people do not assume that the inventor selected the plant just because he had excess amounts of it in his back yard. Probably here is the place to mention that hemp is different from marijuana, so if you are planning to join the construction crew for that reason, you should think again.

I am not sure if it will work in the same way as the bio-material made of hemp, and take up carbon dioxide, but imagine if that were true. Anyhow, with or without this function, the “green” plane, if it manages to take off, has the potential to change the world. “Just like Steve Jobs did with is phones,” Kesek says.

Image (c) Hempearth

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