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Hitachi-Maxell's New Li-Ion Batteries Shown at Rechargeable Battery Expo in Tokyo


The 1st Int’l Rechargeable Battery Expo held in Tokyo at the beginning of March was pleased to announce a lot of battery manufacturers interested in future technologies, in new developments for various industries.

Hitachi Maxell Ltd came with a prototype of a laminated Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery called “IMS65142235”. Even though the battery is still in its development phase, Hitachi already presented some of its characteristics. With dimensions of 6.5mm x 142mm x 235mm, its rated capacity is 10Ah and nominal voltage is 3.7V, while final voltage and maximum current are 2.75V and 30A, respectively.

The company says that this type of battery is suited to power electric bikes, automated guided vehicles and why not uninterrupted power supply systems. Hitachi claims that safety of the battery is enhanced by improving the material of the positive electrode, which now contains a spinel-type manganese oxide, and structure of the positive electrode.

The usage of a highly heat-resistant separator, made of polyethylene resin coated with an inorganic material, is mandatory for safety reasons as well. Even though the electrolyte is liquid, it is suited for lamination.

Hitachi Maxell also presented a newly developed cylindrical shaped Li-Ion battery with greatly higher density than the one the company currently sells. The existing battery has an output of 15-20A but is not suited to be used in temperatures between 0 to 20°C.

By enhancing the composition and production processes of the positive and negative electrode materials and the electrolyte’s, the density of the battery increased and so did the discharge properties under low temperature conditions. Measuring 18.3mm in diameter and 64.95mm in length, and with a 45g weight, the battery’s rated capacity is now 2,250mAh, the nominal voltage is 3.7V, final voltage 2.75V , and the maximum current 6A and mass energy density 185Wh/kg.

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