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Home Energy Monitors Do Not Necessarily Save Energy In The Long Run, Study Says


A study conducted by University of Delft students showed that energy management systems used at home (HEMS) are not as efficient as they were presumed to be. Human nature seems to be the fault, and the effect manifests itself in the long run.

The study has been conducted in the Netherlands, involving 304 participants. Over a period of  four months, they have been given energy monitors, and after that time they were free to keep it.

Those who kept the energy monitors were again surveyed after 11 months, thus surpassing the previously longest test period of four months.

Initial energy savings were detected during the first four months, accounting for an average of 7.8%. In the long run, though, some of the subjects behaved differently than others – some let the savings alone and some continued to preserve the energy.

The study decided that a prolonged study is needed in the area of design and usability of these smart meters, because installing them alone does not necessarily reduce the electricity consumption, as I have said in the beginning, because of the human nature.

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