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Honda Testing Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles With Vehicle to Grid Technology

Honda's Hydrogen Fuel Cell Stack
Honda’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell Stack

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and plug-in vehicles are both essentially electric vehicles, but hydrogen refuels in minutes, compared to hours required to recharge a plug-in.

Some electric vehicle makers and aftermarket companies have been producing vehicle-to-grid [V2G] technology, which enables an electric vehicle to serve as an emergency backup power source. In case of an emergency, such as power outages suffered after Hurricane Sandy, backup systems can keep houses running for a little while. Think about it, though, what happens if the power outage is ongoing? Even electric vehicles with V2G tech will eventually run out of juice. Fuel source could make hydrogen fuel cell vehicles more attractive than plug-in vehicles in these cases.

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are electric vehicles, but instead of storing potential energy chemically in a rechargeable battery pack, the energy is stored as liquified hydrogen. It takes hours for an electric vehicle to recharge its battery packs, but it only takes minutes to refuel a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle’s tank. Honda recently began tests of a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle with V2G technology as a potential backup power supply. The test began Tuesday in the city of Kitakyushu, and will continue for a couple of years to determine the viability of such a system.

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